Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blue & White Roundtable: the Happy Football is here edition

Swamped by work today so Nick has my back for the first of the regular season Blue & White Roundtables. This week the questions are brought to you by William F. Yurasko.

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Black Shoe Diaries

What are you optimistic about this season (Anthony Morelli running out of eligibility does not count)?

A Wide-Open Offense(?) – I still don't know what the hell Spread HD will be, but there is so much talent on that side of the ball at every position it could be exciting.

What are you pessimistic about this season?

The Secondary – let's just say I expect incoming freshman D'Anton Lynn to have a significant impact this year.

Who is the most important player on either side of the ball?

Maurice Evans – bottom line is this guy needs to blow up everything in his path and draw double teams so everyone else on the defensive line can blow up everything in their path. The line needs to eat quarterbacks alive to protect the secondary. A devastatingly effective 4-man rush will be crucial, so there is as much help available as possible to assist with coverage and occasionally blitz.

Lightning Round

How many games are you going to this season?

All the home games (currently without a ticket for Michigan, someone want to hook me up?)

Do you have the Big Ten Network?

Hell yeah, for the second straight season. I'm rocking DirecTV, suck on that Comcast.

Where is Coastal Carolina located?

Near Myrtle Beach (Conway, South Carolina)

What record will Penn State have on January 9?

Conservatively, I'll say 10-3, but I'm really thinking more along the lines of 11-2.

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