Monday, June 02, 2008

Blog Chips plays catch-up

Ok, so I'm finally up and running once again now that my computer had a complete enema (and I've felt like I've had one as well). Let's take a look back over the last week and see what I've missed while I was incapacitated.

-Penn State landed their ninth, tenth, and eleventh verbals in cornerback Stephon Morris, defensive end Sean Stanley and wideout Brandon Felder. I've said in the past that Paterno's lack of recruiting visits would hurt the Nittany Lions but apparently I'm wrong (yeah I'm as shocked as you) because the assistant coaches have done a good job of filling needs on the offensive line, secondary and are now starting to bring in wide receivers – all positions of need. Whatever they're telling these kids it's working.

-Fight Club update: linebacker Navorro Bowman and defensive tackle Phillip Taylor plead guilty to disorderly conduct, thus ending the unpleasantness of the HUB incident of October of last year. Along with guilty pleas to misdemeanors for defensive tackle Chris Baker and safety Anthony Scirrotto, all the legal concerns for Penn State football players are now officially closed. After nearly a dozen felony charges levied against various players, it's amazing there was not one felony conviction. Amazing and eyebrow raising at the same time.

- Finally, if you've never visited Black Heart Gold Pants you should be ashamed of yourself. Every now and then a blogger (or bloggers) come up with a great idea and run with it (sometimes into the ground) and the guys at BHGP have managed to do just that (the great idea thing not the run it into the ground thing). I give you the real adventures of Joe Pa. All linked (in some sort of meaningful order) for your reading pleasure. I've read most of these more than once just because they are so damn funny. Read them, keeping in mind that, in the world of the intertubes, typing in ALL CAPS is considered yelling.

-Joe Meets Fergie
-Joe can't get Fergie out of his head.
-Joe meets Bill Cowher
-Joe meets Terrelle Pryor.
-Joe,Greg Schiano, and public masturbation.
-Joe's new son the Cryptkeeper.
-Paterno and the legend of Cornshoe Hammaker.
-The real explanation of Sean Lee's Injury
-Paterno's hospital visit.
-Kirk Ferentz's visit to Penn State.
-Joe Paterno's contract negotiations (on Fanhouse).


rahpsu said...


You can't keep stuff like the postings on BHGP a secret. That is comic genius. That Joe/Fergie conversation was created back in February. I feel you have stolen four months of laughs from me.

Galen said...

Yeah, my bad. I've been reading them and it dawned on me last weekend that I need to link to them - don't know what I was thinking!?!