Friday, May 30, 2008

3 Minutes with Tom Bradley

Mike and RUTS are running a rumor regarding a potential JoePa succession plan with Greg Schiano taking the helm. If true, where would leave the other major current candidate, Tom Bradley? Hard to say, but I imagine most people have never really heard him speak outside of a quick soundbite. Through the magic of YouTube that can change, I happened upon this extended clip of Bradley at a speaking engagement discussing some of the changes in recent years and extolling the virtues of Penn State.


drozz said...

tough situation. i wouldn't mind schiano at the helm, but i would much rather see scrap with the program; i just get the feeling he would leave if not promoted.

of course, i would be happy if either took charge and rid the program of a lesser coach.

Nick said...

I honestly want Joe to coach as long as he can. That makes me a minority in the land of blogs. I'm not backing any horse in particular for succession at this point, but I like Bradley a lot.

drozz said...

fwiw-i am of the same opinion. despite the up and town turmoil of the past 7 years, he is the reason PSU football, and in some aspects the university, is as established as it is in the present day.

pens forecast? even us flyers fans have to admit: game three was probably the best game of hockey we have seen all year. bettman must have loved it.