Saturday, May 03, 2008

Penn State Volleyball: All Your Trophies Are Belong To Us

The #1-ranked Men’s Volleyball team joined the Women as National Champs, defeating #2 Pepperdine 3-1, a NCAA sweep like this in the same academic year was previously only accomplished by Stanford. This marks the second Men's title in school history, the first being in 1994. The Nittany Lions finished the year with a record of 30-1, dropping a total 12 games in that time. Congratulations!

Possibly video to follow, in the meantime enjoy Penn State’s prior title here, the first won by a school outside of California.


Paterno Lives! said...

this has to be a major blow to the cali ego. teams from the east aren't suppose to win sports like this.

Nick said...

Penn State is a volleyball oasis outside of Cali, it's kind of peculiar.