Monday, April 14, 2008

Sean Lee out for season, time for panic

"Sucks" does not even begin to describe how horribly bad this is.

Lee, from Upper St. Clair High School, found out yesterday that he would be forced to sit out the 2008 season after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee Friday in practice.

His knee buckled on a non-contact play while he was chasing quarterback Daryll Clark.

Justin King hit the nail squarely on the head.

Asked how outside linebacker Sean Lee's season-ending injury would affect the defense this season, King said: "It's a devastating blow."

Indeed this is horrific. Penn State will be able to shove one of the young guys in his spot and probably still have a great linebacking unit but Lee's leadership cannot be replaced. Lee still has a redshirt left so Penn State is fortunate from that standpoint but this is really really bad. Between the off-the-field crap, Joe's contract situation and now Lee's injury it is getting really hard to have any optimism when speaking of Penn State football.


matt said...

He will lead from the sideline like a maniac unpaid coach if you will. They have tons of depth at that position..but I do hope for his full recovery because in my opinion he could be the best Penn State has ever seen.

drozz said...

given the bad juju surrounding this team, there is only one couse of action:

sacrifice virgins. no virgins? jay paterno.

matt-i am not sure lee will be allowed near the sidelines with this sort of injury.

Mike @ ZN said...

I was sooo close to losing it, too. This injury is like the salt in PSU's wounds. But there is still plenty to be optimistic about. How many "the next great one"s does PSU have at the LB position? A lot. All will be well, hopefully soon.