Tuesday, April 15, 2008

But it’s football!

And I thought my fellow Penn State fans were a bit loony.

The week of the sold-out Bruce Springsteen concert in Omaha last month, you could call a local ticket broker and pay $39 for a seat.

For Saturday's sold-out Nebraska spring football game, that broker is getting $95 a ticket.

Seriously, who pays for a scrimmage? A SCRIMMAGE! Somewhere Penn State officials are deviously wringing their hands.


PSUgirl said...

you used to have to pay to get into the BW game - I think it got as high as $2.

I have a memory of my dad standing in line at the old red brick ticket window by the South stands.

BSD said...

You know it's coming. First they charge for tickets. Then it's five bucks for parking. Next thing you know it's an extra $100 donation to the NLC. It never ends.

I would like to see them do a scrimmage against Bucknell or something. Is there anything in the rulebook that says we can't do that?

Galen said...


I don't know my rules but I would imagine it's against the rules to play another team simply because I would think it would happen somewhere if it was legal. Just a guess though.