Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Roster News & Notes

Fight on State has a good breakdown of the spring roster with various interesting lists. We could cover the "missing persons" lists but I'd like to put some of the offseason crap behind us and really, every time a local sports reporter needs a story to meet his deadline he'll just rehash the off the field stuff anyway. One little tidbit of interest to me is the position changes and I believe we have a telling tale:

Tyler Ahrenhold: receiver to defensive back
Brent Carter: running back to safety
Kevin Cousins: receiver to defensive back

This tells me two things: 1) Penn State is achingly thin in the defensive backfield and 2) the coaches must feel good about Stephfon Green and Brandon Beachum providing the depth they need at the running back position. This pretty much assures us that Beachum won't redshirt this season as well.

Nothing else really jumps out at me except for this:

Aaron Maybin (DE), 236, -12

Sweet Jesus! Maybin needed to add weight and he lost 12 pounds!?! That's one small D end people.


Anonymous said...

One of the FOS mods suggested Maybin's weight may have been a typo, (possibly 263 instead of 236). He was listed in the 250's only a few weeks ago.

Galen said...

ah now that makes sense