Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So Now What?

Nick: Wow, that was a terrible set of BCS games. Did you watch them?
Galen: Yeah, at the bar. They were just … they were just awful. The Kansas game wasn’t that bad, but who really cared about that bowl?
Nick: So the verdict is the Big Ten sucks again I guess and SEC speed rules all.
Galen: Ugh, don’t even say that SEC “thing.” *cough*Michigan-Florida*cough*
Nick: Well, football season is over.
Galen: I know, it’s pretty empty out here now.
Nick: Yes it is. What the hell do we do?
Galen: ….?
Nick: ….?
Galen: Got it, let’s build rocket cars.
Nick: Love it!


Galen said...

Hell yeah! Salt flats here we come!

hasuprotoss said...

Ahh, poor you guys, you don't have to deal with a constant contingent of UGA fans claiming a share of the national title even though many of them said Michigan shouldn't go without winning their conference and they didn't even win their own damn division.

Galen said...

Yeah, I can imagine the Georgia fans are going to be tough to take in the off-season.

drozz said...

jet-packs are cool. you should definately make jetpacks. and put them on monkeys with roller skates.