Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finally, An Olive Branch?

Hoping to end the embarrassing fight between Rich Rodriguez and seemingly the entire state of West Virginia, a federal arbitrator has brokered an extraordinary deal for a possible peace. West Virginia University will drop their pursuit of $4 million from Rich Rodriguez in exchange for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Both parties would also cease and desist further provocations in the media and go their separate ways.
Great, now I have to learn all new maps.

If accepted, it also spells the end for a directional Michigan school as Northern Michigan University now changes territorial hands, to the chagrin of alumni Lloyd Carr and Tom Izzo. The question now is will the Wildcats now become the awkwardly multi-directional Northern West Virginia University?

Yoopers, for their part, seem happy to bid farewell to the trolls living “under da [Mackinac] Bridge.” Local Thomas Maki commented:
“Tanks, traditionally, we go Wisconsin and Minnesota or even Ontario more den we go down below. What da hey? We work in da mine or in da woods, makes a natural match to our rural brothers in West Virginia. Let’s light da couch, eh?”

It's a celebration!

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