Friday, January 25, 2008

'Cause You're Pretty When I'm Drunk

I have to make a seperate post for this, because Galen has the Master Key. He just gave me the shed key for out back, doesn't want me to sully the nice carpet, plus I get to quote a litte Bloodhound Gang. (H/T: Deadspin, Baseball Musings, The Big Lead)

Miss Dana Jacobson is gonna get some booty, 'Cause I'm Miss McFeelie with a Speedy Delivery. You'd think I was a ditch the way that Trey was diggin' me


Galen said...

Priceless, this whole thing made my weekend.

Nick said...

Replace the Belvedere with cheap knock-off JD and that's what my experience tailgating for the 2002 Nebraska game was like.