Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Chips

Sorry about the lack of posting lately life inside and outside of work have been consuming all (read: really all, not the I-was-at-the-bar-all-night-drinking type all) of my free time. Hopefully things will calm down by week's end and I can get back to creating the worthless time-wasting drivel you've come to expect. In lieu of a real post here's the world famous Blog Chips because I'll let others do my work for me.

-For any of you that thought Penn State had a chance at Terelle Pryor, think again.

-I'm not a big Basketball fan but I do root for dear old PSU and I've watched Geary Claxton for four years. For a guy that came to a team that sucked badly and stayed with said team even when there were players getting the Hell out of dodge, it's totally not fair his career ended in injury. Cosmos, you suck royal ass.

-If you thought Dan Connor was going to be a high draft pick you were right. With Drew Rosenhaus on his side you better believe he'll go as high as possible. That should be a clear indication of how good Dan Connor is.


Elihu said...

Maybe Pryor wants to visit us last since he's planning to pick us. { hold on a sec here while I put this cup down so I can type with two hands } I'm sure that's what it is.
{ It's kool-aid in the cup, but why do you ask? }

Galen said...

Yes, I believe Pryor would love to come to Penn State, sit out for two years while the upperclassmen get there turn and be coached by Jay Paterno. Man that Kool-aid is refreshing.

Nick said...

To quote Drew Rosenhaus, "Next Question."