Monday, November 19, 2007

PSU Review

Penn State sucks… that is all. Carry on.

Ok seriously I'll give you some insight.


The offense played particularly well when they didn't need to. When the game was on the line… choke. There were magnificent play calls in the game and then garbage at the end. Hey… we're blowing this team off the line with our 4th string running back… how about we throw the ball. Genius. I'm pissed.


You guys are completely and utterly overrated to the nth degree. If you didn't play such a shitty ass schedule and rack up great numbers against terrible teams you would be ranked somewhere around incompetent to abomination. Hey, here's a clue Devin Thomas might catch a few balls dumbshits, considering the second best receiver was a running back you might want to pay attention to Thomas. Oh, and by the way the tight end gets the ball a lot too… might want to watch out for him. No? Ok, just sit back in a soft zone and let Michigan State ass rape you. Good job guys, bang up effort.

Special Teams

Go over and thank the defense for sucking ass so bad that they made you look better than them. Seriously. Go over and thank them because you guys suck just marginally less than the defense and you should thank them for that.


Congratulations Michigan State you’re a team on the rise while Penn State continues to plummet like a one winged airplane. Have fun with that wonderful land grant trophy – remember lift with the legs that thing is heavy.

Thank you Penn State, thank you for ruining what could have been a great day for me (more on that later). Thank you for making me, once again, be thankful for not renewing my season tickets next season. I can't wait for the garbage bowl PSU will play in, what a great end to a terrible season. You know it would be almost sad if this team wasn't full of cowardly punks that like picking fights when they're opponents are hopelessly outmatched in size and number but this is probably just desserts. You disgust me. End of story.

Focker out!


Greg said...

Royster + Clark baby! Hopefully the next few years will be better...

Galen said...


I hope you are right but with this coaching staff you just never know.