Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just Can’t Get Over The Hump

Continuing the theme of fall sports, the number 1 seeded Penn State women’s soccer team was upset at home yesterday 1-0 by West Virginia in the NCAA Tournament. For those unfamiliar with soccer, it’s the football known to the rest of the world, played by actually using your feet and with a round, white ball. For those still not paying attention, let me introduce you to Amanda Cicchini of the Mountaineers, she had the assist on the game-winning goal against the Nittany Lions.
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While very successful in the Big Ten, winning their 10th straight title this year, Penn State just cannot seem to get to that overall elite echelon in soccer, despite being awarded their second number 1 seed in the last three years. Generally, it has been Notre Dame and North Carolina standing in the way, however the future does look very promising with an upgrade in facilities on tap and more time for new coach Erica Walsh to get everything in order. In spite of the disappointing ending, congratulations to the team on another great season.

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