Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Humpday fun find

This has absolutely nothing to do with football (unless you’re former Dallas Cowboys star Nate Newton) but it is too funny not to pass on. A crew picking up litter on Interstate 4 near Tamp Florida found something you don’t see every day: two garbage bags full of marijuana.

Insert your own joke/caption here!

The total weight of pot: 60 pounds which could be worth somewhere around $54,000 on the street. The plants seemed to be freshly picked. Police said it’s not the biggest amount of pot ever found dumped along a roadside but it’s not a common occurrence.


Nick said...

Is that supposed to be Hempday? Put down the doobie and post my Blue & White Roundtable responses you damn hippie

Galen said...

I'm on it you whinny intern