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Blue & White Roundtable goes Christmas shopping

It's Wednesday and that means Blue & White roundtable and this week I've got the questions and the rest have your answers so be sure and check them out. Of course I answer myself so it's kinda like I'm a tad on the insane side which I am.

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It appears that Penn State is a lock for the Alamo Bowl, at this point are you ready to jump on a plane and head to San Antonio or is this game a TiVo moment while you find better things to do like clean the bathroom?

Galen: I actually have a friend in Texas that would be more than happy to let me stay if I headed down to the bowl game. Having said that… no thanks I'm not spending good money and vacation time to go watch this team. Mike from BSD and Run from RUTS have both said this before and I agree, it's very easy to dislike this team and I don't mean their play it's very easy to dislike these players on a personal basis. Between multiple fights, sexual assaults and public drunkenness, it's easy to just want this season to end and hopefully get rid of some of the bad apples that are rotting away the rest of the bunch.

Nick: I’ll watch it live on television. I have never traveled to a Penn State bowl game. I almost did go to the Orange Bowl, but packages were just too insanely expensive. The BCS bowls are the only bowls I would consider paying to travel to, traveling around the holidays is hectic enough and the game needs to be worth it, but I will make time to watch it for sure.

The rumor mill about the vacant Michigan coaching job is just getting started – who do you think ends up the next Skunkbear's head coach?

Galen: The rumor of Kirk Ferentz leaving Iowa to coach Michigan makes me want to laugh out loud. Don't get me wrong, the Michigan job is attractive to any coach and Ferentz is a great man and a good coach but he's also a smart guy; he's not going to leave Big Ten school A to coach Big Ten school B and slit his own throat. He's been loyal to Iowa and they've returned the favor so he's not going to create a new rivalry between Iowa and Michigan just to coach the Wolverines. I think Les Miles is a done deal it's just going to take a fake "national search" by Michigan so they can say to their Alumni and boosters that they did everything to ensure that Michigan got the best man and that man is Miles.

Nick: I really have no idea, Kirk Ferentz may have been announced by the time this is posted, but just for the hell of it let me say Bill Callahan – people want a more open offense in Ann Arbor, more than “throwing rock”, and he took Nebraska away from run, run, run, and run some more to pass. I’m sure he could even find a game plan to beat us if he was the coach at Michigan. I imagine this could beat us as the coach of Michigan, that’s just our luck:

Last week we had your list of the three players that vastly exceeded your preseason expectations, I'm a pessimistic prick (my friends call me captain morale) so name me the three players you had high preseason expectations for that have totally let you down.


#1) I made number one big and bold so I can get the point across that there's a huge gap between one and the rest. Without a doubt the biggest disappointment this season was Austin Scott. What a waste of great talent. This kid never matured and never figured out the sacrifice that is necessary to become an elite running back and he had all the tools to accomplish it. Regardless of the outcome of the sexual assault trial, Scott should have never been in the situation he was in. Everyone thought he could have a breakout season this year and it never came close to happening.

2) Speaking of public intoxication, Andrew Quarless checks in at number two. With a breakout freshmen season a lot was expected of Quarless, but he got kicked off the team, ended up in Joe's doghouse and played poorly when he finally saw the field. He made boneheaded mistakes and really wasn't the matchup problem we all thought he'd be.

3) While Anthony Morelli threw for over 2500 yards with 18 TD's and only 9 INT's, a lot of that came against the sugary part of Penn State's schedule and as I stated earlier this week, in big games he often fizzled out and so did Penn State's chances of winning.

Nick: Justin King – by far the biggest disappointment of the season, hands down, all the talk coming into this year was that this was going to be his last season before jumping to the NFL. It made sense, last year he was great, however, this year he has been badly exposed in several games and has no choice but to return for his senior season. Hopefully, he takes the challenges that have come up seriously and work hard to sure up all aspects of his game going into next year.
Andrew Quarless – I was expecting a monster year from him this season and despite having to sit the first couple games, really never had any doubts about him. In reality, he’s been terribly inconsistent and dropping lots of important balls, the Illinois dropped TD replays in my head as I’m writing this.
Austin Scott – this one pains me, because I saw him when he was a world-beater, an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime performer. He ran for 3,863 yards and 53 touchdowns his senior year in high school leading Parkland to their first state championship in football. It was really something to behold.

Lightning Round

The BCS is a total mess right now who ends up in the championship game?

Galen: I'm praying for West Virginia and Ohio State because both conferences are considered "weak" by many and it would really, really piss off the SEC… you know the guys that DON'T want a playoff system.

Nick: West Virginia will play Ohio State, sorry Missouri.

Will the BCS shakeup this year finally cause coaches to start pushing for some sort of playoff (I'm looking in your direction SEC)?

Galen: No there will be a lot of whining and the BCS will get changed again but we're not going to see a playoff any time soon.

Nick: Coaches? Maybe, JoePa has wanted a playoff as long as I can remember. AD’s? Not so much. Bowl officials? Definitely not. I don’t foresee a playoff ever being instituted in major college football. At this point I would be willing to accept a Big Ten, where every team plays each other and doesn’t their season a month earlier than everyone else.

In honor of Black Friday, are you the type of guy that a) Christmas shops early and puts a lot of thought into your gifts b) waits until the last minute and buys whatever's left on the shelf c) gets everything from E-bay & Amazon or d) has a significant other that does all the shopping for you (bonus points if that significant other reads your blog)?

Galen: Without a doubt I'm a last minute guy the way God intended men to shop, although online shopping is getting more and more attractive every year.

Nick: I try to shop early and put thought in whenever possible, but will rush around at the last minute if all else fails.

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