Friday, November 02, 2007

Blog Chips

-Asshole update: the PIKE fraternity has been served:

Penn State's chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity has been suspended by both its international office and the university and may receive a disorderly conduct citation for its alleged role in actions captured in a YouTube video filmed on Saturday.


-While you are checking out BSD you must read this post from an Air Force pilot that flew the C-17 over Beaver Stadium during the national anthem of the Northwestern game in 2006. I officially hate Mike now, I am so damn envious! I get angry e-mail telling me I'm an illiterate retard he gets e-mail from kick-ass Air Force pilots. Sonofabitch!

-It's the last home game for seniors; hopefully they go out with a bang.

-Finally, Joe Tiller loves us:

Two things about Penn State fans that I think are significant," Tiller said. "First and foremost, they are extremely loyal to that team. You noticed in that stadium (on Saturday night against Ohio State) there wasn't a lot of red around. And there were just as many people who went there as came here, and just as many people were walking around outside that stadium with those hundred-dollar bills in their hands, and nobody was selling. So I think they're extremely loyal to their team."

"Second, they really get into it in terms of trying to help their team from a motivational point of view, and making it hard on the other team to communicate."

Thanks Joe, we like you and your manly mustache as well.


BSD said...

I don't know. I saw an awful lot of red in my section. I think a lot of PSU fans chose to grab the cash and sell out.

Next time I get a kick ass email I'll forward it to you.

Nick said...

Isn't it that we're illiterate retards or is only in response to your posts?

Galen said...

No you get left out it's just me - that's the plus side of being my intern

Nick said...

Maybe u should just lern to rite gooder.

PSUgirl said...

As far as the $100 bills go - people from my tailgate got tickets for $50 and under - and they were not "walking around" -