Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Comcastic! *cough*bullshit*cough*

The most stalwart opposition to the BTN broadcasting on their system under the argument that all customers shouldn't have to pay for the channel has decided in their infinite wisdom:
For the second time this year, Comcast customers will see higher rates when they open their cable bills.

What's that you say? Well, surely the BTN is blame? No? What's all this then?
If we had given in to the Big Ten Network and Fox’s demand on the network, we would have had no choice but to increase rates $1 plus for every individual customer

I declare shenanigans! So, you can raise the price twice in a year and yet can't seem to fit the BTN onto your cable slate? WTF?! Seriously? Suck it Comcast!


Anonymous said...

We're going to see Comcast crash and burn big time in the near future I think. I dumped them for Diretv just before the 2nd hike, which was $3.25. Wow enough for 3 big 10 channels per customer. No BTN because people wouldn't want in basic extended? Ummmmmmmm OK, but somehow they decided I would want shopNBC, or EWTN, or C-SPAN, or Hallmark Channel....Riveting programming I was paying for.

Good riddance Comcast.

Happy Hour Valley said...

I wonder if my 'rents are now seriously considering dropping Comcast? First, they get rid of ESPNU (which was becoming one of my fav. channels) without warning and bump it up to their Digital Plus package, and now they're holding out with BTN for the purpose of not jacking up subscribers prices...

What a fucking joke of a digital cable provider.