Monday, October 01, 2007

Is it Hockey season yet?

Hey, at least the Pens start the season this Friday and heck my Fantasy team is cruising along so who needs Penn State football. I'm looking for suggestions for good tailgating ideas (themes, recipes, games etc…) because that's what this season has become to me – a reason to eat good food and drink truckloads of beer. Frequent commenter PSUGirl has already given me one idea: Oktoberfest baby! So feel free to e-mail your ideas or put them in the comment section, I'm open for anything…well almost anything. Anything legal that is.

As for Penn State football…what can be said? Some will blame the defense for poor tackling, most will point the finger at Anthony Morelli for 3 int's and a fumble but what it all boils down to is coaching. I'm the absolute last person on the face of the earth to say this but it's time for Paterno to retire. I list Joe Paterno as one of my hero's in life, actually he's second right below my father, but it's time for him to hang it up. I don't want Penn State to fire him, that's just not good for all parties involved. No, someone whose opinion Joe trusts must convince him that the game has passed him by. Maybe his wife or Fran Ganter or perhaps Jerry Sandusky but someone has to politely break the news to him.

Morelli isn't scattershot because he's unintelligent or not athletic enough, he's the way he is because of horrible development. His vision is terrible because Jay Paterno couldn't coach a pee wee team successfully. I was completely wrong about Anthony and I admit it, I thought he would be better this season but he's regressed and that's not his fault that's coaching. Anthony put in the extra hours trying to develop timing with his receivers this summer and he's done everything the coaches have asked him but he's simply not been given the help to get to the next level and until we purge this coaching staff we will be subject to the same average quarterback play no matter who's in. Bench Morelli? Why, so Daryll Clark can come in throw games away – is it his turn? You can say get this guy or that guy playing time but what good is that when there is absolutely no development at the position? Playing time didn't help Morelli and it's not going to help anyone else.

Let me quantify how bad Penn State football has become. This century we've had exactly one good season (2005) thanks to the athletic talents of Mike Robinson. Last season was ok but other than that it has been unconditional garbage and losing. Penn State has lost so many games that it doesn't even hurt anymore – I'm conditioned to it. I knew Penn State was going to lose to Michigan and when they did I was mad for about an hour and then I just literally stopped caring. I think I yelled once or twice on Saturday but other than that, I just don't give a damn. I knew they would blow the game and when it happened I wasn't surprised. I didn't even get drunk, I just took a nap watched some TV and went to bed. Let's contrast that to last century. I vividly remember the loss to Alabama in 1989 – I was in high school (I'm showing my age here) and Penn State had a chip shot field goal blocked in the closing seconds to lose 16-17. I hurt for an entire week because losing wasn't something Penn State fans were used to but it's different now.

Where do we go from here? I don't have all the answers but until Joe retires this thing isn't going to get better. Paterno needs to step aside and take his son with him. Should Bradley be the next head coach? Perhaps but the list of coaches that have job security is short in my mind. Vanderlinden, LJ Sr. and Bradley have all proven they are great coaches and great recruiters – all the rest can go, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The offensive line has been abhorrent in the last decade and our quarterbacks suck bad. The play-calling has been atrocious and the special teams have left us down. If Paterno comes back next season you can bet that we will be subject to the same garbage. If this team would ever get things together they could win some games but I'm not counting on it. Penn State will beat Iowa this week but after that nobody knows. Even Purdue and Michigan State are looking like L's right now. Yeah it can only get worse from here – for those of you that still care brace yourselves. As for me – Let's Go Pens!


PSUgirl said...

Bradley is not on my list of "keepers" - otherwise, I agree with your short list.

By the way, I've been meaning to ask you if you'd changed your mind at all about South Florida...

Galen said...

Oh sure come on here and show just how little I know about college football do you want me to get a bigger salt shaker for you to pour on that open wound?

Yes you were right I was wrong - South Florida is way better then PSU right now but that ain't saying much.

PSUgirl said...

Galen, salt is the best way to clean, and thereby heal a wound. Plus if you use a really bogus "degrees of separation" theory, USF not only beat WVU this weekend, they also beat Florida and Texas.

Tailgating is a great way to enhance (ignore) the PSU experience (nightmare) - Oktoberfest is my personal favorite - but we're had a lot of fun (drinking) with the Fiesta! (featuring the make your own nacho bar), Italiano (sausage scallopini), wine "tastings", "Lion Country" (mmmmm pulled pork and pan fried mac n' cheese!), and much more.

Anonymous said...

Let's agree that the offensive coaching sucks. Let's also agree that Jay Paterno sucks particularly. Let's also say that a toss sweep on 3rd and 1 on the goal line is stupid.

However, 3 interceptons and a fumble in the last 4 possessions. 4 of the last 5 possessions starting in Illinois territory. This is on Morelli not on Jay Paterno. You could give Morelli the best QB coach in college or pro football and you know what. MORELLI WOULD STILL SUCK!!@!

Anonymous said...

I have LT (traded for him right before he exploded this week), Jon Kitna and Chad Johnson on my fantasy team. Life is good.

Sure, I have Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes as well, which is unfortunately a consistent reminder that OTHER Big 10 schools are able to produce quality NFL players.

Mike said...

I still don't understand why you kool-aid drinkers think you have to pick one or the other to blame. BOTH of these things are true:

1. The coaches haven't developed Morelli

2. Morelli is an idiot

He's got more natural talent throwing the ball than our last three quarterbacks put together. Despite having a supporting cast far superior to Mills, and a far superior arm, in other words, he actually looks worse.

If he had half a brain, he'd have thrown one or two less interceptions, and we'd have a hard time figuring out whether he was 'back' or just lucky.

If you're hoping for a coaching change, you damn well better also be hoping for some game experience for Clark and/or Devlin. Better coaching with rookies isn't going to get us anywhere more satisfying next year.