Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The hits just keep on coming

Laschout.com is reporting that there were multiple players involved in a fight at the HUB late Saturday night (HT: BSD). Apparently the players involved will be immediately suspended from the team.

But wait there's still more!!

Apparently the man of poise himself Joe Paterno was involved in a road rage incident.

UNIVERSITY PARK -- Penn State police are investigating an apparent road rage incident that was reported to them about 12:10 p.m. Friday along Bigler Road near the Food Science Building.

Penn State police spokesman Tyrone Parham said he could not release the names of those involved because the investigation is ongoing. Additional interviews are being conducted, he said.

"We've only heard one side of the story so far," Parham said.

The caller and apparent victim is a university employee, according to police.

When your head coach is acting like a raving lunatic it's time for a fresh start. Now I'm going to have to change my tag from Arrest of the Week to Arrest of the Hour.

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Sweep the Leg said...

We need a fresh start, new coaches, and get rid of bad apples.

Bring in the Zooker.