Friday, September 14, 2007

Beano Cook - still crazy after all these years

Beano Cook, at the very least, has been amusing throughout his career. Who could forget the "Ron Powlus will win two Heismans" prediction? In 1994 he said that Penn State should be national champs because of "the drive" against Illinois where PSU drove 94 yards at the end of the game to take the lead and the Big Ten title and then later said Nebraska should be national champs denying he ever said the former. Fox Sports Pittsburgh showed video evidence of Beano's gaff but I'm sure he still denies it; that's the kind of fun guy Beano is. Well he's at it again and we are locked down in his misguided sights. Beano is quoted recently saying "I think Penn State is going to play LSU for the national championship."

Penn State's schedule is the key. I mean, look at who they're playing. They have three easy nonconference games. I don't necessarily consider Notre Dame easy; they just happen to be down this year. And Penn State catches Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State at home.

Beano thinks Michigan is PSU's biggest threat.

If Penn State beats Michigan, it has a chance to run the table

While I don't disagree that Michigan is a big threat I don't think Penn State has a snowball's chance in Hell to make it to the championship game even if they go undefeated and I don't think that's going to happen. Look, this team is good but not great and Penn State is already behind in the polls. PSU will need a lot of luck to go undefeated and then a lot of help from teams above them in the polls. It's nice to sit here at week 3 and dream about an undefeated season but it ain't gonna happen. But God bless Beano for keeping an eye on our beloved Nittany Lions.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Beano. The Lions definitely have a chance to go undefeated this year. The Big Ten is a weak conference this year. If they can beat Michigan and Illinois on the road they will run the table. USC is no lock to win the Pac 10. The Pac 10 is very strong this year with 3-4 ( UCLA, Oregon and Cal) teams that could beat USC. LSU is strong but the SEC has Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina have potential teams that could win it all. Probably Florida and South Carolina have the best shot against LSU. Don't count the Lions out. They have a very strong defense that is going to get better and the offense will continue to improve throughout the year. Speed wins!

Robert Ward

Jason said...

Well, it's gotta be PSU or ND every year according to Beano, right?

Kevin McGuire said...

If PSU beats Michigan, then get ready for an undefeated season. I'm not sure why I think this, but if PSU beats Michigan there is no way Penn State loses a home game this year. Lose at Michigan and Wisconsin could edge PSU when they play. It's all about the mental stability of the team (offense).

Galen said...

I hope you and beano are right Kevin.