Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Ten Roundtable

It’s a roundtable world anymore and the Nittany Lion is jumping on board. Today we give you part two of the Big Ten bloggers syndicate association merry band of pigskin prognosticators. Sean from Around the Oval has the questions this week and we have THE answers (cheap “the ohio state” joke there).

Which player from your own team are you most looking forward to watching?

Derrick Williams, he was all-everything when he stepped foot on campus and was having himself a pretty good freshman year before his injury against Michigan. Last year, on the other hand, he put on weight and disappeared, couldn’t find space and dropped a bunch of passes. Was it just the “sophomore slump” or an indication of a larger problem? Supposedly he’s slimmed down and got his speed back, did a little work with the track and field team in the off-season. I’m expecting a breakout year from him this fall.

Which player from another Big Ten team are you most looking forward to watching?

Arrelious Benn – hype is the name of the game and I’m interested to see what’s really there. He’s big and tore up their spring game, could be an absolute monster to handle. If hype holds true, he might be a Calvin Johnson-esque unstoppable freight train of awesomeness.

If your team was an action movie star, who would it be?

Nick: RUTS took the Gold Standard for action movie star with his answer, so instead I'll take the Silver Medalist, Patrick Swayze in Road House.
It's last call…for action, a big city bouncer goes to the country to turn around the Double Deuce. Like the character James Dalton, if some tight end comes rolling into your leg and tears up your knee, do you go and sit on the bench? No, you defiantly stand on the sideline toughing it out, because everyone knows "pain don't hurt." Oh and if you cross us, we're not above tearing your throat out.

Galen: It’s tough to beat Mike’s or JB’s choice but I’ll give it a whorl.
Jack Palance – relevant for half a century but really disappeared from the mainstream conscience for a period only to redeem himself late in his career and win an Academy Award. Palance was a big, grizzly no-nonsense type of guy who took no crap from anyone. Intimidating at times especially to smaller actors – I’m looking in your direction Billy Crystal. Always true to his roots, he kept a special place in his heart for Pennsylvania.

Pitt - I crap bigger than you


JB said...

Now THAT is an awesome choice.

Galen said...

I still like yours better, I read it and thought Hell yeah, why didn't I think of that.

PSUgirl said...

Jack Palance used to sit a few rows down from my dad in the stands. Great guy.

Galen said...

That's cool psugirl. Palance came to mind and I didn't even realize he was a PA guy, that was a bonus when I read up on him.