Thursday, July 19, 2007

Minnesota Players Booted

Incoming Minnesota coach Tim Brewster kicked quite a bit of depth off the Gophers' roster Wednesday. Standout cornerback Dominic Jones, running back E.J. Jones, defensive end Alex Daniels and defensive back Keith Massey were all kicked off the team for their involvement in a sexual assault of an 18-year old woman. Dominic Jones was one of the team's best defensive players and E.J. Jones was the only true freshman on the Gophers' offense to start a game last season.

"It is an honor and a privilege to wear the uniform of the University of Minnesota and we have exceedingly high expectations for each of our student-athletes," Brewster said in a statement issued by the university. "We spend a considerable amount of time addressing our players regarding their personal conduct and we will not compromise our values. We are establishing a culture of integrity and we will demand that our players are held accountable for their actions."

EDSBS has the gruesome details in the form of a police report (how do they get these things anyway?) and it's not very nice. Let's just say I agree with Orson and the gang when they say the following:

If true: assholes. That's all we can say. Total assholes all around. You're all complete fucking shitbag die-in-a-ditch-now assholes.

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