Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blue and White Roundtable: watching fireworks edition

Sure it's Independence Day and I'm sure you're all busy blowing fingers off with illegal fireworks and stuff but we have business to attend to. After all it is Wednesday and that can only mean one thing: Blue and White Roundtable. It was my turn for the questions and I have to say I spew some genius at times. Unfortunately this isn't one of those times. Rock on!

-It appears that ESPN Gameday will be in Happy Valley for the Notre Dame game. Late start against the Irish with ESPN in attendance – will this game rank up there with Ohio State in '05 or am I overhyping it?

It will probably be as exciting as the Ohio State game but this one is a tad different. In 2005 Penn State was coming off losing seasons and looking for national respect and was given little chance by those "in the know." Side note: I remember Dave Jones lipping off on a local sports call-in show before the OSU game. He said there was no way Penn State was going to beat Ohio State – how'd that work out for you Davy boy? This game Penn State will be favored and after two "successful" seasons and the ass whipping they got from the Irish last year, the Nittany Lions won't be looking for respect they will be looking for revenge.

-Serious work alert! Outside of center the offensive line is a bit of a tossup – give me your starting front five for '07.






Gerald Cadogan

Lou Eliades

A.Q. Shipley

John Shaw

Dennis Landolt

Eliades is the wildcard of the group and the real unknown. Cadogan moves from guard to tackle and I'm still holding out hope that this will be his year after inconsistent play at left guard last season. He's an amazing athlete for someone that is 6-5, 315ish. Shipley will be all-Big Ten by the end of the season and was the best lineman not named Levi last season. Shaw moves from tackle to guard and was really coming on late in the season until an ankle injury slowed him down. Landolt is the big story – many believe he is the next sure PSU lineman after a great spring. He could end up at either left or right tackle depending on how Cadogan turns out. Dennis was also a standout wrestler in high school which wins big points with me.

-As Mike pointed out there was a bit of a recruiting glitch by Jay Paterno when Ohio running back Mike Shaw's visit was postponed due to… well… incompetence. Is this an isolated event or should we break out the torches and pitch forks and assemble the angry mob?

I'm beginning to have serious doubts about the abilities of the younger Paterno – how can you have a scheduling problem when a player in a position that Penn State desperately needs wants to come and reportedly throw himself at you? Ah… you'll have to wait son we don't have time for you to come and verbal to us – how's next Thursday sound to you? Oh, wait I have a dentist appointment how's your July?

-Name an opposing coach that you absolutely hate, someone that makes your skin crawl every time you see him.

Phil Fulmer is up there on the hate scale – you don't get a trophy named after you with the explicit purpose of rewarding bad behavior for nothing. But I will go with Chuck Weis, the more I see him the more I can't stand him – everything from the flaunting of his super bowl ring(s) to his arrogance during interviews just makes me want to puke. Hell even his trial for the botched "I'm too fucking lazy to lose weight on my own so hack my innards apart" surgery was even a spectacle but it wouldn't be linked to Notre Dame if it wasn't.

-Let's assume Jay get's a good secretary who keeps track of schedules and Penn State lands Terrelle Pryor: what would they do with him?

I'm not in the recruiting "know" so I'm not sure what positions he's being recruited for but I would be surprised if he doesn't get switched to wide receiver or some other position especially if he comes to State. He would be coming in just as the big three receivers are exhausting their eligibility and Penn State would be in need of some speed at wideout. Penn State also has a VHT quarterback so it may make more sense for the switch.

Lightning Round

Would you drop your cable and buy a Dish to get Penn State games via the Big Ten Network if it comes to it?

Absolutely! If Comcast doesn't get it done by August it's bye, bye cable.

Name me one thing necessary for your tailgate – something you can't live without.

Beer – what a stupid question, who writes these things?

If I were on death row and had a last meal it would be wings – name me the place I should get those last wings from (editor's note: I lose all respect for you if you don't like wings).

Quaker Steak and Lube, baby! Best wings in the world.

There you have it, head on over to Black Shoe Diaries and Run Up The Score to get their answers and as always, leave your thoughts and comments. Happy 4th everyone!


PSUgirl said...

here's a question...

Did any of y'all buy the new chairbacks for your seats?

Galen said...

Yes, I did. I think it's a great idea if they aren't too small.

PSUgirl said...

yeah, we got them too. Hopefully it will be a good thing - we'll see.

Galen said...

I'll tell you this much if I get there and some slob's sitting in them I'm gonna get punchy real fast.