Monday, June 11, 2007

You get paid for this?

I think it's been well documented that I'm pretty lazy and don't put a great deal of effort into The Nittany Line, it's basically a fun thing to do to waste my free time and a chance to be silly to a whole new dynamic of people. It's also a chance to showcase my horrible grasp of the English language. Occasionally I put some deep analysis into a post but usually not. All this is perfectly fine because I'm not getting a cent for this and my real job requires all the seriousness that I can handle in a day. If I were getting paid, I certainly would hope that I could put together something a little more professional and informative than this.

But you may not have heard about the Fulmer Cup. Schools do not actively and eagerly compete for the right to hoist this trophy at the end of the year. They just sort of find themselves in the running by accident, or good police work.

According to the Fulmer Cup web site, the Cup is named after Tennessee head football coach Phil Fulmer and is a tongue-in-cheek award given to a school with the most legal transgressions during the current academic year.

The sports editor for the Centre Daily Times wrote an article about EDSBS's Fulmer cup? Come on, that's what qualifies as professional journalism? Ron Bracken must have vacation coming up because that's pretty damn weak. The first sentence is particularly appealing because if you haven't heard of the Fulmer Cup you must not have a computer with internet access. Every Day Should Be Saturday is the granddaddy of blogs – everyone links to Orson and the guys. I used to believe that there's no way I could be a journalist but now I'm not so sure. Apparently it's pretty damn easy.


WFY said...

Bracken has been phoning it in for the last year or two.

Pete the Streak said...

wfy has it correct; Bracken hasn't written a sentence worth it's print or ink, let alone our time to read it, in years.

This would ALSO include anything remotely positive about Paterno / PSU, were he to write such a thing. Which he wouldn't.

Pete the Streak said...

Naturally, he doesn't credit EDSBS for any of this; it's as if he did the research, and is "reporting" it to us.

Ron Bracken is a total load.