Friday, June 08, 2007

The Bomb Heard ‘Round the World

Ivan Maisel is recapping one of the worst games in Penn State football history. No it wasn't the Notre Dame game last year or any other Penn State game you can think of no matter how old a Lion fan you are. It was a game PSU didn't even play in, it was the 1994 Colorado-Michigan game that ended on a Kordell Stewart 64-yard hell Mary touchdown pass to Michael Westbrook after time expired. How could it possibly be the worst game in PSU history you ask? It was the game that cost Penn State the national title in 1994. Michigan came into the game ranked No. 4, playing No. 7 Colorado and had they won they would have been ranked in the top 2 when Penn State beat them in Ann Arbor. Instead they dropped and Penn State's road victory against the Wolverines didn't look as impressive, or at least that was the excuse for some pollsters. Had Penn State beat a top 2 team at their home field, the voters would not have had a choice but to give at least a share of the national title to Penn State (which they deserved anyway), instead it was an out for voters to poo-poo a team that eventually went 8-4. To this day it's the reason I hate Kordell Stewart and have relished in his fish out of water career. Watching him cry on the Steelers sideline was probably the highlight that I won't soon forget. He could have thrown that pass 100 more times and it probably would not have been completed. Let me remind the class that Ty Law was covering on the play – how did his NFL career turn out? Kordell Stewart, suck my ass. Have fun dishing out Pecan Log Rolls at the Stuckey's you currently work at, jackass.


BSD said...

C'mon, Galen. Don't hold back. Tell us what you really think.

Elihu said...

I know exactly how you feel about Kordell. I'm a Steelers fan, but never liked him because of this.

I always thought that an interesting debate would be which change in game outcome would be more likely to lead to a PSU national title - '94 Colorado/Michigan vs. '05 Texas/OSU? I think '94, but it's hard to say. I think that in '05, OSU beating Texas would be more like to have put us in the title game than us beating Michigan.

PSUgirl said...

Penn State moved up to #1 after beating um. We dropped to #2 in the AP after killing Ohio State - #2 in the coaches poll after indiana -

They would have still taken it away from us.

"They" would have found fault in the Illinois game, the msu game and/or the oregon game.

Personally, I blame Miami's showboating tactics - they spent so much time dancing around they were too tired in the 4th quarter.

The Texas/OSU question is pretty interesting - I do not, however, see 2005 PSU being successful in a title game - against either usc or texas (had fresno state pulled out the win).

BSD said...

The Texas/OSU question is pretty interesting - I do not, however, see 2005 PSU being successful in a title game - against either usc or texas (had fresno state pulled out the win).

I disagree. I think PSU could have competed with anyone in 2005. Our defense was good enough to hold anyone to under 20 points. The offense had big play ability and Michael Robinson. I'm not saying we would have been favored against any of those teams, but we would have been competitive and could have had a 30% chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

I agree BSD, VY showed that USC had trouble with a mobile/physical QB and the defense was certainly up to any challenge it faced.

PSUgirl said...

I don't see it.

Would Penn State have had a shot? sure - any given January 3rd or 4th or whatever.

But the way I look at it is - USC's offense would have picked us apart - The Texas defense practiced against the real Vince Young every day. Penn State's defense is a reasonably effective system - but it isn't complicated - a multi-faceted team is going to exploit our weaknesses - okay, Anwar Phillips and pulling the line backers into pass coverage. But believe me - I would have love to have seen Penn State have a chance at another championship.

I was already to be all "PSU is #2!" before the NC game - but, it became quite clear to me during the course of the evening that the 2 best teams in the country were playing each other that night - regardless of the winner.

And yes, about every 3 months or so (and much more during the season) I get the "94 blues and what ifs". Growing up I was used to PSU being in a championship game every 4 years or so (sometimes more) - so I was quite ready for (and yet, still amazed by) the 1994 team. I will always contend that they were the best team in the country that year (one of the best offensive squads of all time and, in my memory, PSU's greatest team), and given the chance they would have proven it, convincingly -