Thursday, June 28, 2007

Never too early to start hating the Irish

I got an email last night from one of the guys starting a new blog dedicated to the rivalry between Penn State and Notre Dame. Simply put the blog's name is Penn State vs Notre Dame. Simply and yet such a novel idea, head on over and check them out. I'll let them describe the content because they do a better job than I could.

This blog is dedicated to the rivalry between Penn State and Notre Dame. Sure, it may not be the Iron Bowl, the Red River Shootout, or a Cocktail Party, but the intensity of the fans of these two universities is as great as any.

I've never considered Notre Dame a "rival" in the truest sense of the word but now that I think of it, they really are. Pennsylvania is, for the most part, made up of two fan bases: Penn State and Notre Dame. Growing up I had some serious trash talking battles with Irish fans in high school but it was more of a friendly feud than an Ohio State-Michigan style hatred. The Notre Dame – Penn State fan relationship is unique in the sense that both fan bases have a large contingent that think their team is a lot more relevant in the national scope of college football then they really are – it's codependent delusionalism.

So head on over start the trash talking and represent PSU well. I'll get you fired up by simply telling you that one of the contributors name is Irish41Lions17 – how's that for salt in the wound? Welcome guys and good luck.


nittanynutz said...

Thanks for the add.....Lets Go State!

Galen said...

No problem, I aim to please.

PSUgirl said...

ooh, and fresh new blog - thanks for the tip!

Joe_pooped_his_pants said...

I love it. As a fan of PSU and an Alum of ND this blog is awesome.