Thursday, May 10, 2007

Penn State loses lineman

Redshirt junior offensive lineman Elijah Robinson has quit football due to a rare medical condition. While conducting tests for an undisclosed neck injury team doctor Wayne Sebastianelli found that Robinson had a condition known as "tight spinal canal." With this condition any kind of impact to the head could lead to a pinching of the spinal cord, leading to paralysis. Robinson was running first team at left guard this spring after bouncing back and forth between defensive and offensive line the last three seasons. While it hurts Penn States' depth at offensive line, it's great that Elijah found out before something terrible happened. On the bright side, Robinson is a crime, law and justice major and can graduate as early as August. Best wishes Elijah.


Anonymous said...

It's kind of sad that we can argue endlessly about the apartment fight, yet nobody has anything to say about this young man who is now unable to pursue his dream. Good luck, Elijah!!

Galen said...

Very true... at the very least we can all take satisfaction in knowing he walked away with his health. It's scary to think what could have happened if they didn't diagnose this until it was too late.