Friday, May 11, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe…

Just when you thought it was safe to go swimming… SHARKS! Assistant District Attorney Steve Sloane says that there may be more arrests in the case of the Nittany Lion Fight Club. Witnesses testified that a still-unidentified man beat a partygoer with a barstool as he lay on the ground and another unidentified man knocked another victim unconscious with a beer bottle. Could the "mystery" men be from the group of players that had their charges dropped? Sloane doesn't think so:

"I'm not real comfortable refiling charges a judge didn't feel comfortable bounding over on a prima-facie level just to get another crack at the case," Sloane said.

So it's safe to say that King, Sales, Hayes, and Sargeant are in the clear but who else could be charged? I guess we will have to wait and see. My initial reaction to this is one of skepticism – the police were supposedly taking their time to get the facts straight and charge the appropriate parties and now they're telling us that they may have more arrests after the fact? Color me suspicious. It's hard to believe that a group of partiers that couldn't positively identify Chris Baker, the guy that allegedly did the beating, could do a good job identifying additional parties involved. I'm not saying there wasn't others involved, I'm just suspicious that the assistant DA is grasping at straws at this point.

Another interesting point in this article is the fact that Scirrotto and Baker dismissed their attorneys and hired new ones. Give Baker bonus points; he hired the attorney that got the charges against Hayes and Sargeant dropped. Why do I suddenly think this thing is turning into a scene from My Cousin Vinny? (HT: RUTS)


BSD said...

I find it interesting the assumption that anyone that barged into the apartment that night must be on the football team. There is a good chance these guys had some friends with them, and you'll never find their picture in a football media guide. I think the DA has all his eggs in the Scirrotto/Baker basket. If he had anything left he would have charged people already.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry did you say yutes?

Anonymous said...

These prosecutors can't help being Nifongs. They are political harlots at their worst. The month long investigation had nothing to do with being thorough. It had to do with delaying the matter so that the Preliminary Hearing and resulting Press for Sloane, in particular, would run 2 weeks before his election to higher office. Sound familiar? Can you say "Niiiiiiiiiifong".

Not only does this case have Duke Rape Hoax written all over it, but it also has a Virginia Tech Massacre point to it. The Assistant D.A. here is more concerned with the football players putting a few bullies down, than he is the real danger--bullies on campus who exercise their misogynistic tendencies toward young women. As everyone looks back at the VT Massacre, people complain that nothing was done. The local police couldn't really address Cho. The university couldn't really stop his bullying campaign. Nobody stood up to Cho.

Well, the Penn State players gave an emphatic "NO" to bullying at Penn State. Clearly, this has to have a chilling effect on all the would-be bullies in Happy Valley. Penn State is safer as a result of the players actions--although Sloane sure doesn't seem to care. It's almost like he never heard of Nifong and Cho.