Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The difference between You and Derek Moye

You think you have it tough, but you're no Derek Moye. You roll out of bed with barely enough time to shower and get to work. You struggle to concentrate until downing your third cup of coffee and spend the first 2 hours surfing the web (and I thank you for that). You slog through the day getting scarcely a thing done and decide, at the end of the day, that you're too stressed out to hit the gym and instead head to the bar. You are no Derek Moye.

Moye, the soon to be Nittany Lion wide receiver, won three gold medals Tuesday at the WPIAL Class AA track and field championships. Impressive alone, but the manner in which he did it is amazing. Following the 200-meter dash preliminaries Moye collapsed in exhaustion. Moye blamed his fatigue on the 3,200 relay, which he ran minutes before the 200 prelims. He dry-heaved and was in a daze for approximately 30 minutes prior to the 400 finals. "I don't even remember. The coaches said I was talking gibberish," Moye said. Thirty minutes later, he posted a time of 48.63 seconds in the 400, breaking the WPIAL record and claiming his first of three gold medals at the meet. Perhaps even more impressive was the show Moye put on when he sprinted from sixth place into first as the last leg of Rochester's 1,600 relay team, which claimed gold in 3:30.22. Moye won the 200 in 22.31 and capped his WPIAL track career with a total of seven gold medals.

Think about that the next time you have the sniffles and are contemplating taking the day off.


Billybob said...

Wow. Let's hope he has good hands to match the quick feet.

Mainline Mom said...

Amazing...ditto what billybob said.

phillyfan said...

Nittany Lion fans,

Re: Derek Moye's receiving ability,
if you didn't happen to catch the PCN re-broadcast of the annual PA-OH 'Big 33' high school football all-star game this past weekend, in which Derek caught 5 passes for 77 yards, including a leaping, back-of-the-end zone touchdown, then check out the two YouTube! season highlight videos he compiled.

I don't believe you'll be dissapointed.


Galen said...

Thanks phillyfan that's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am Derek Moye's cousin, and im so incredibly proud of him. I am in high school and i play WR for my junior high school football team. He is an inspiration to me, and i hope he makes it big in the NFL someday!!!

yerboiharv8 said...

I had the greatest experience playing with Derek "D. Moye" Moye. And from watching him when we where little it was crazy n wild to see what he did even as freshman high school! Yal need to pay attention to ya boy more often! And oh yes he has hands for sure!

Host Pay Per Head said...

I have to admit that It happens dozen of time (only without the coffee part of it). I don't want to go to the gym. Instead to the bar.