Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blue and White Roundtable – the late edition

Ah yes, to be the lazy bastard of the bunch. RUTS has the questions this week and he got them out sometime in the afternoon yesterday. Both Run and Mike from BSD promptly fired away and got their answers out in the same day. Yours truly? I took the easy road (as always) and waited till today. Sure I could have posted them last night after getting home from work but that would tarnish my lazy-ass image, and I’ve worked long and hard for it, damnit. Actually I didn’t work hard for it that’s the whole point. Anyho, here are this week’s questions. Enjoy.

Have you ever traveled to a Penn State away game? What’s your best away game experience?

I wish I have but alas, I have yet to travel to an away game. Like most PSU fans, I expect to go to Temple this year and hopefully in the not too distant future I can start heading out to other Big Ten venues. I’ve been to West Lafayette on business and it seems like a pretty nice place, kinda like State College, and I’ve heard good things about Purdue fans.

Who's your darkhorse Big Ten team this season?

I don’t think they will win the Big Ten but my darkhorse is Illinois. If Juice can learn to throw the ball with mediocre accuracy they will be one heck of an offense because his legs scare the Hell out of me. The Fighting Illini Happy-go-lucky Non-offensive Humans kept it close to a lot of teams last season and if they ever learn how to cast away the dreaded losing mentality and start believing they can win – watch out.

Which highly ranked team is most likely to collapse?

Rutgers really surprised a lot of teams last year but those days are over. It’s difficult to sneak up on people when they consider you a top program which the rest of the Big East will. A lot of teams will be gunning for the Scarlet Knights and it’s going to be difficult for them to reproduce their success. Look for them to end up much lower in the rankings than they start out.

Name the Big Ten coach you would be happy to see on the sidelines at Penn State?

Without a doubt Kirk Ferentz. He maximizes his talent, he’s a Pennsylvania guy and he’s rumored to be really interested in Penn State. It’s one thing for a coach to be interested in a school that has a winning record and good facilities (who wouldn’t want to coach Michigan) but it’s another thing for a guy to really want to coach a team for personal reasons and I think Ferentz has that with his ties to PA.

Who is Penn State's rival, anyway?

Short answer: no one. I can’t say Michigan until Penn State beats them 5 or 6 times in a row because it ain’t a rivalry when one team kicks the shit out of another on a consistent basis (Sorry Pitt fans, it’s true). So that leaves me with Ohio State, but I’m hesitant there because PSU hasn’t won at the shoe forever. But PSU has beaten them at home and the recent games have been hard fought brawls of the rivalry persona.

Lightning Round

Who is your favorite comedian?

Jerry Seinfeld. I’ve always liked his show but I got a deeper appreciation for him when I saw him live when he came to the Bryce Jordon Center a couple years ago. He is extremely funny without being vulgar – that’s tough to do in this day and age.

What is your most hated, most overused sports announcer cliché?

“This is going to be a big one/dandy.” Every time two ranked teams meet we get this pre-game hype about how great of a game it’s going to be. Really? How do you know that? I love it when the game turns out to be a flaming turd because I always think: yeah, it sure was a dandy.
There you have it if you haven’t already, stop by BSD and RUTS to get their answers. As always feel free to tell me what kind of lazy moron I am in the comment section below.


PSUgirl said...

Well, if "everyone" is going to be at the Temple game - we should plan some sort of geeky blogcast/summit.

My fellow tailgaters and I are in the process of planning for this fall - nd, homecoming & tosu are slated to be major events - I just can't wait!

Galen said...


My Tailgating group is doing a year-long Tailgate olympics featuring Tailgating games, trivia, and drinking games. If we have a blogger get together everyone will have to participate. We'll bring the games!

PSUgirl said...

Tailgating Olympics you say. I'm intrigued - Century Quiz Bowl? No jarts at the Linc - it's all pavement.

Galen said...

-PSU Trivia
-Redneck Horseshoes
-Redneck Golf
-flip cup
-Beer pong...

The games haven't been finalized yet. Weekly winner gets Nittany Lion Belt (like WWF belt but think more Penn State). Yearly winner gets trophy. Serious stuff!