Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blue and White Roundtable

It's Wednesday and that means Blue & White Roundtable before the Blue\White game. It was my turn this week so I fired a random sentence generator got this statement – "An alcohol reassures the strain on top of the upper inhabitant," and the following questions. Not too bad if you ask me.

Assuming we all think of the Blue/White game as a scrimmage, what one specific thing makes this game (scrimmage) worth watching? In other words, what are you looking for?

I'm looking for two specific things: Morelli's timing with the wideouts and the starting defensive line. There are rave reviews about the front four on the D side and I want to see it. I think everyone is expecting that, after the best game of his career in the Outback Bowl, Morelli will take over and play to the enormous potential he came to Happy Valley with. It will be interesting to see how he does, it's a scrimmage and he should move the ball up and down the field at will. Chris Bell has everyone talking as well so it will be interesting to see if he pushes any of the starting three.

Penn State has landed its first recruit, will this start a landslide or is it just an isolated event?

I doubt we will see the flood gates open but I hope so. Sometimes all it takes is the first and things start rolling but I doubt anything will come of it yet. It would be nice if they signed someone to a position they really need, like say… oh I don't know – Runningback!

Reggie Bush paid his former would-be agent to shut his mouth in the form of a $200,000 to $300,000 confidentiality clause which will prevent him from talking with the NCAA. On a sleaze scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being straight as Mother Teresa and 10 being skanky as Paris Hilton, where does this rank?

It's close to Paris Hilton and I mean damn close - so close you could get a STD from it. I'm no legal expert, (where's Run from RUTS when you need him) but how can a confidentiality clause stop a person from testifying about breaking rules? I'm not ready to blow the whistle on USC yet but Reggie Bush did some bad things in my mind and this whole thing stinks. Having said that, this is USC, nothing is going to happen.

Speaking of sleazy, Oklahoma officials defended themselves to the NCAA Committee on Infractions in the Rhett Bomar incident – do you think they are responsible, or wasn't it OU's fault?

Every time I see a story like this I try to put Penn State in the shoes of the school being investigated. If this happened at good ole PSU how would I feel? I think it's hard to prove that Bomar and co. did this with the knowledge of the school, coaches, or athletic department but then again, I don't know how closely these things are monitored. Do all student – athletes have to report every cent they make while under scholarship? If so, then this situation definitely raises an eyebrow, but you have to be careful when pointing fingers.

What player on this year's team is becoming your favorite?

I've always liked Maurice Evans and with reports of him "blowing up" backup offensive lineman, I just can't wait to see him after a couple games. I think this guy is going to be the next great PSU defensive lineman, he just seems to have "it" – whatever it is.

Lightning Round

Blue or White – who wins?

White - Morelli switches teams at halftime and brings them back in the 4th

What's the chance we may actually get a decent day this Saturday?

It's looking better and better… damn I probably just jinxed it.

What is your favorite movie (trilogies allowed)?

I threw that "trilogies" in there because I'm a science fiction geek: Alien & of course, Star Wars – I wouldn't officially be a Geek without naming something from Lucas.

Well, there you have it, don't forget to stop by Run Up The Score and Black Shoe Diaries for their answers, and as always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


Run Up The Score! said...

Re: Bush, I thought the same thing for a few seconds until I realized the NCAA has no actual judicial power. It's not like they can subpoena the agent or anything...the agent just blackmailed Bush for $300,000, from what I can tell.

Galen said...

Something seems a tad stinky in the system, that kind of ties the NCAA's hands and at a small price for Bush. Let's face it that's going to be change he finds in his couch cushions in the not too distant future.