Thursday, March 08, 2007

Double Vision

While looking at recruiting information I came across potential 2008 QB recruit Nolan Kearney out of Downingtown, PA. Now is it just me or does Nolan look strikingly similar to Penn State lightning rod and part-time quarterback’s coach Jay Paterno?

If you put shoulder pads on Jay and run him around the track for a while I’ll bet he looks even more like Mr. Kearney. Since I love a good conspiracy, this leads me to believe the following could be true:

1. Nolan is in fact Jay trying to revive his failed Quarterback days at Penn State,
2. Nolan is one of Joe’s illegitimate love children because we all know the man is potent as a raging bull (he tagged Anna Nicole Smith) or
3. There’s some sick genetic experiment deep in the bowls of University Park with the lone goal of cloning Joe Paterno so Penn State will never be without JoePa.

On second thought that last one doesn’t sound so sick.


Coach said...

don't you think it's more likely that he's Jay's love child? Jay is 38 (please notify Joe). Perhaps, back in 1990 (or so) after a grueling season/career of championing the clipboard, Jay took a trip down to Chester County - maybe met up with a cute (there are some cute ones) Villanova co-ed at Sunday Mass and...

Anonymous said...

What is the photoshop work done on that photo? Is it the multiple JoePa's or the Ohio State "Show We Are The Best Fans In The Land" banner?

Galen said...

Coach, I keep forgetting how old Jay is, but you are right that could be a fourth option - women love men with clipboards.


LOL! Which one is more believable?

Anonymous said...

Multiple JoePa's are more far believable and also an unstoppable force.

The Brewer Patriot said...

I agree that an army of JoePas is awesome and much more believable than Ohio State having the "Best fans in the land."