Friday, March 09, 2007

Blog Toss

Another Top Ten
The Chicago Sports Review’s Matt Wood has his top ten sports related stories spawned in the wonderful bloggosphere. If you’re like me, you probably missed one or two of them so it’s worth the 5 minutes to read up and add the catch phrases to your vernacular; that way when someone says “you’re with me, Leather,” you know what the hell they are saying. (HT: MZone)

Well, that was fun
The Penn State men’s basketball season came to an unmitigated end, not with fanfare or elaboration, but with the same melancholy ‘thud’ that defined pretty much every game this season. Mike from BSD has the particulars.

Happy Feet? I think not.
Since I consider Hockey third on my list of loved sports, right behind college wrestling and light years behind college football, I’m going to throw in my thoughts on the season as we get closer to the playoffs. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with long statistical diatribes about power play percentages and goals against averages, just a passing update every now and then. After all, this blog IS supposed be focused on PA. I’m a Pens fan so expect a lot of pissed off commentary about the current situation of the team and the State’s refusal to help. If you would like to read ahead, class, feel free to browse this article.


BSD said...

Boo Hoo. The state won't tax Philadelphia to build a hockey rink in Pittsburgh. Cry me a river.

(Did I mention I'm republican?)

Galen said...

More on this later, Mike but I’m adamantly against tax payer money going to build a new stadium, but that’s where this is now heading. My beef is that it could have happened without any tax money but Rendell dropped the ball. Suffice it to say, if this WAS Philadelphia, you better believe Eddy boy would have had a new stadium built a long time ago; but then again Rendell only gives a shit about Philly.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see the Pens move, but to make matters worse - KC? Vegas?!? I would only accept if they moved to Hartford, because I grew up there sandwiched in between PA stints and I need me some Brass Bonanza! That being said, Rendell f'ed this up big time with some shady slot dealings

Coach said...

Pittsburgh built their new stadiums A LOT faster than Philadelphia did - it was a huge embarrassment to the City - sad, but typical.