Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now Entering the Dark Period

With Florida’s anticlimactic thrashing of Ohio State in the BCS Championship game the college football season came to an end, albeit with a thud. With only the table scraps of the senior bowl left to satisfy our college football fix, life gets a little more normal and a lot more boring. Between now and spring practice we only have National Letter of Intent day to discuss. Blogging will probably tail off as there is just not much to talk about in the winter months. But fear not, we’ll try and keep things rolling to pass the time, here is a list of things to expect in the not too distant future.

-Wednesday is still Blue & White Roundtable day. Along with our friends as BSD and Run Up The Score we will continue to discuss all things Penn State and beyond.

-Mike at Black Shoe Diaries does a decent job of keeping you up to date on Penn State basketball so I’ll be linking you to his site for bouncy ball analysis because A) he does a good job and B) I’m too lazy.

-I’ll update my Recruiting board and put a permanent link on the sidebar for future reference.

-I’ll try and update you on other winter sports as teams head into Big Ten championships.

-I’m a wrestling fan and by fan I mean fanatic because you either don’t like wrestling or you love it – there’s no in-between. I’ll give you my 2 cents on Penn State and their chances at a Big Ten and national championship. If you don’t like wrestling, just ignore it, that’s what makes these internets a wonderful place.

-I’ll occasionally post on professional sports when something interesting pops up.

Look for all that and of course the occasional Photoshop, Charlie Weis fat joke, and whatever else tickles my fancy. If you have any requests or would like to see specific content on TNL, please e-mail me or leave a comment and I will try to oblige to the best of my ability.


Black Shoe Diaries said...

These are the days that try bloggers souls. Things are definitely slowing down throughout the college football blogosphere. It's nice to take a break from the constant posting throughout the season, but it just reinforces the depressing fact that there is no more football for a while.

Galen said...

We have our B&W roundtable but maybe we will have to start some sort of friendly PSU blog competition or trivia contest to pass the time. I'm open to any idea.

BillyBob said...

Thanks to the both of you for keeping us PSU fans entertained during the season. Glad to hear you'll keep the roundtable going during the "dark time".

My company will be sending you each a bill for 200 hours of my lost time. Fortunately I'm cheap.

Coach said...

The Blue White game is just 3 months away. Think of all of the bellyaching about the coaching staff, speculation about next season's team and recruiting there is to be done.

Gotta have your NLC "donation" in by Feb 1;
National letter of intent day is Feb 7;
official signing day is April 1;
Blue White Game on April 21;
NFL Draft on May 18...

I find the summer months much more tedious -

and, I'd categorize myself as an "in-between" wrestling fan. I enjoy the sport and have a family history of some fine grapplers, but I don't "love" it.

Anonymous said...

If I even listened to the wrestle-offs online when they streamed them, I guess you could say I'm a big wrestling fan. So, what's up with Nate Galloway? I never got the full story.
I also like Cornell's wrestling team since their coach is Rob Koll. (For those who don't know, his dad, Bill Koll, was the wrestling coach at Penn State.) I was good friends with his older brother & we all rode the same bus.

Galen said...

We aim to please billybob, your interaction and comments are what keeps us going. Congrats Coach, your the first "lukewarm" wrestling fan I've ever heard of, every person I know either couldn't care less or loves it.

Galen said...


I have no idea what happened to Galloway there are plenty of internet and message board rumors but I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Nathan has had a disappointing career at Penn State after being such a highly recruited wrestler. The Collegian report on his transfer says he left because of a 'lack of communication', whatever that means. I think in the long run it will be best for both parties, Bubba Jenkins gets his career to an early start and Galloway gets his degree from Penn State. When Galloway went 0-2 in the intra-squad wrestle offs and still started for the Nits, I think things got bad.

Coach said...

I have uncles who rassled in high school - they were pretty good (ie, people remember them) - back in the days when the high schools would have their meets at Rec Hall so to accommodate the crowds. One of my best friends was manager of the team from 7th grade through high school.

We followed the PSU team pretty closely, especially if one of the football players was on the squad.

I do like wrestling - I don't think that you can escape from central pa without a small affinity for the sport.