Monday, January 15, 2007

Blog Chips

-Dan Connor made Penn State fans happy Friday when he announced he will return for his senior season at PSU.

“This team is very close to getting some things done and I want to help make it happen. If things work out right, the NFL opportunity will be there. You’re only a college senior once. I’m looking forward to next season.”
So are we Dan, so are we. (HT: BSD)

Lions in the Pros
-Congrats to All-Pro and former Penn State placekicker Robbie Gould whose 49 yard field goal in overtime moved the Chicago Bears to the NFC championship.


Mike said...

Who knew that little Robby Gould from Lock Haven, PA could kick the ball so well? Now watch Kevin Kelly go on to be the next Morten Anderson.

Galen said...

I wouldn't hold my breath for Kelly. It was great to see Gould's euphoria after making the kick. His teammates mugged him. Way to go Robbie!

Coach said...

I think that we can all remember being disappointed in young Robbie. And admit to thinking - why the heck didn't you kick like that for us?

He's done a great job - and the Lions are guaranteed a player in the Super Bowl (Saints and Bears both have Lions on their (respective) rosters.

It's easy to be hard on kickers - their task is so well defined - you score points, or you don't.

Kelly's been asked to do a lot in his first 2 years - Despite his not so great percentage this year - he scored a lot of points. he ranked second (tie) nationally for number of field goals MADE and he tied (with P.J. Hill) for scoring leader in the Big Ten

Our offense has to score touchdowns - Kelly broke the 30 year old record for attempts this year (34) -

Kickers are always "mental" - and PSU has a BAD reputation for over coaching players -