Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blue & White Roundtable

It’s Wednesday everyone… oh wait it’s Thursday and we are finally getting around to the B&W Roundtable thanks to the idiot that wrote the questions – me. I’m on vacation this week and totally forgot about it until the other members let me know, so here it is a day late. Enjoy.

Sorry about the lateness everyone!
1) So far there hasn’t been a bowl game that has ended within a touchdown, are there just too many bowls or is it poor matchups?

Yes and yes. There are far too many bowls which inherently leads to bad matchups. With everyone playing 12 games and some 13, it’s time to make the magic number seven instead of six. A six win season gets you into a bowl game no matter who those six wins come against. If you don’t at least have a winning record, you shouldn’t be in a bowl.

2) Excluding the national championship and PSU game, which bowl is a can’t-miss in your mind?

I would have to say the Sugar bowl because a lot of people think Notre Dame is going to play the best game of their history and pull out the big upset, and I have to see it. I’m definitely not one of the Irish believers.

3) Nick Saban told Alabama to pound sand last week, at this point, and in all seriousness, who do you think is going to be their next coach?

I think they are running out of options fast. To use message board vernacular, the “big name” coach has slipped by and they don’t have too many options other then an internal hire. Imagine if interim coach Joe Kines turns out to be the man, the Tide faithful will go nuts.

4) The Men’s basketball team finally put away a patsy beating Maine 75 – 42; with conference play fast approaching has the team finally turned the corner or was it just a fluke?

I don’t think it’s a turn the corner thing more then finally playing to their potential. I think this team has played to the level of their competition and has yet to put things together, but I think the Big Ten season will bring out their best. Conference play is like playing in your own neighborhood, you know the teams and are used to the level of competition.

Lightning round

Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan set a new NCAA single-season record for touchdown passes in the Hawaii bowl: he needed 2, he got 5 - is he that good or is it a product of their weak schedule?

I wasn’t a believer until I saw the game – mark me down as impressed.

Did you attend the spaghetti dinner for Chris Wells and Antonio Pittman?

Yes and I brought Taco Bell.

What’s your New Year’s resolution going to be?

Stop breaking things when Penn State’s offensive line plays like a colander.

Prediction time: final score of the Penn State – Tennessee game?

Penn State 17 (magic number) – Tennessee 14

There you have it, head on over to Black Shoe Diaries and Run Up The Score to get their answers and as always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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