Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blog Chips

-Ed Johnson apparently didn’t learn from his mistake last season because he is, once again, suspended from the team and will not be part of the Outback Bowl. Thus ends his often troubled career. The silver lining is that underclassmen, including true freshman Phillip Taylor, will get some much needed practice and playing time. (HT: Mike – BSD)

-Anthony Morelli has received his first death threat, sort of.

“I got an e-mail telling me, ‘You remind me of Zack Mills, you should kill yourself,’” Morelli said. “Zack Mills was a good quarterback. What the hell does that mean?”

The illegitimate circus freak that sent the e-mail could not be reached for comment because he was preoccupied by a 24-hour “freeview” of the Barnyard Porn Palace website in his mom’s basement where he sends his e-mails. TNL caught up with his mom at “Sticky’s” a local strip joint where she works but she had no comment.

-From the DAMMIT! File – Dan Connor is seriously thinking about foregoing his senior year and heading to the NFL.

He later conceded that if he is projected as first-round draft choice, or at least a high second-round pick, it could persuade him to move on.

As much as I hate to admit it, if a scout tells Dan he will be a first rounder, he should take the money and run. I had hoped that playing in Poz’s shadow would keep Connor from the public’s eye but his All-America team selections proves otherwise.


billybob said...

Shame about Johnson, I still think that if he had played in '05 and this year he could have been a very scary force on our DL. Hope he gets it together and has a decent NFL career.

We have the talent at LB to be ok without Connor, but I kind of selfishly hope he'll stay if for no other reason than to pass along his football smarts like Poz has this year.

Galen said...

Yeah, you have to wonder what these guys thining. I understand if an 18 year-old kid screws up he probably deserves a second chance but Johnson just doesn't seem to learn. It's such a waste of great talent.