Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blue & White Roundtable

Mike fires away at round two of our discussion group and his questions keep getting better and better. Here are my insane answers for this week, feel free to comment.

Well, the 2006 regular season is over and the seniors went out winners in their last game at Beaver Stadium. Where do you see Poz, Levi Brown, and Tony Hunt going in the NFL draft?

I think Poz is a sure-fire high first round pick, as a matter of fact some mock drafts already have him going to the Eagles which would make a lot of Eagles/Penn State fans happy and me sick in my stomach. Most experts seem to think that Levi will be right around Paul, but I think it will depend on his combine score. I think Hunt will be going somewhere at the end of day 1 or the beginning of day 2 simply because he doesn’t have the speed which will knock him down, but he is an all around back that does all faucets of the game well.

Man, our offense is so boring it’s like watching paint dry. It’s…well...offensive. Do you think we’ll see any new wrinkles in time for the Outback Bowl?

If by wrinkles you mean turnovers, then yes – we will see plenty of new “wrinkles.” Hopefully, the coaches take the extra practice time and spend it working on fundamentals, because the offense can’t even get the easy stuff right. New plays or formations are a pipe dream at this point, I would be happy with a moderately good offense.

Considering we replaced four offensive linemen, our quarterback, our defensive line and our secondary this year, is 8-4 and the Outback Bowl a good thing or bad thing?

Actually, I think it’s a good thing considering how bad the offense has performed. If the Big Ten had decent teams outside of Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin, our beloved Nittany Lions would be lucky do get into any bowl. Count your blessings; at least this team gets extra practice and an extra game against a quality opponent.

What a great weekend for college football. LSU upsets Arkansas. Notre Dame and USC. Florida and Florida State. Georgia and Georgia Tech. And all the Big Ten teams sitting home still digesting their turkey. Should the Big Ten add another team and have a championship game like the ACC, SEC, and Big XII?

Add another team, yes – add a championship, hell no! It’s an advantage for Big Ten not to have the extra game, while other schools face a potential loss; the Big Ten teams just sit back and relax.

Three at large teams go to the BCS. We know Michigan will get an invite. Boise State gets an automatic bid for winning their conference and being ranked in the top 12. Who gets the third?

Do you even need to ask? Notre Dame, they bring the money. Face it; it’s an unfair system that rewards teams with lucrative fan bases. Granted, Penn State is one of those fan bases, but no one benefits from cherry-picked schedules and over-hyped status like Notre Dame. They will get into a BCS bowl and get creamed like they did against both quality opponents they faced this year. But hey, Charlie Weis is still a genius.

Fact or Fiction?

The Nittany Lion men’s basketball team goes dancing in March.

Fact – I think last night's 4 point loss to #21 Georgia Tech shows that this team is cappable of hanging with more talented teams.

Dan Connor foregoes his senior year to enter the NFL draft.

Fiction – Connor has said that he would only go if he was predicted to be a high pick and that’s not going to happen. We should all, once again, thank Poz for creating the shadow that hid Connor from national attention.

After Notre Dame gets destroyed in their bowl game and Charlie Weis loses 6 games next year, Irish fans will be calling for his firing.

Fiction – the majority of Notre Dame fans are bandwagon jumpers who only know Weis by his Super Bowl rings and national media hype and probably never heard of him until he was hired as Notre Dame's first... top 5... desperation choice. They will still think he’s a genius. I’m guessing his assistants will take the brunt of the blame.

Leave your comments, rants, or verbal abuse in the comment section below. Don’t forget to check out Mike’s and Run’s responses over at Black Shoe Diaries and Run Up The Score. This has been a particularly funny week for Run, he does a good job of making fun of both Pittsburgh and Philly fans.


Coach said...

I don't know about Poz - I adore him and I think that he's an extremely intelligent guy - I hope he does very well. Call me evil, but I think that Levi is over-rated - too many false starts, not enough "spark", but then, that might make him perfect for the NFL. I think Kapinos will be getting a call.

I think 8-4 is fine - sure it's not great - and I'd rather that they be in the top 25. I'd also rather that their losses have been because they were outplayed not just outlasted. But given the way that offense played and the chinks in the defensive strategy against the "better teams," it's been a good result. The Minnesota game could have easily been a loss and neither Illinois nor Purdue produced the margin of victory that it should have been.

No Championship game - no no no. While it can be an opportunity for a lesser team to win a big game and get a BCS bid (ooh ahh) the reality is that it's just another opportunity to lose. Playoff. Playoff. Playoff.

If you count BSU's automatic bid as an "at large" - there are 4 "at large" bids - I'd say that there's no way Notre Dame doesn't get picked - they aren't automatic as they are not in the top 8 - but I think that everyone knows that as long as ND fits into the requirements they're going to get picked - every year.

I think that domers have bought into the Weis myth and he's burning it up on the recruiting scene (at least on paper) - they'll probably give him a chance to bring up Clausen and the other newbies.

Galen said...

Good points as always coach, I personally don't think Levi is as good as his hype but I was trying answer the question from the draft experts perspective, I think if he has a good combine he will go pretty high. I wouldn't take him high if I was an owner, but it's about hype sometimes.

Coach said...

totally agree about Levi - I'm just still disappointed, I guess. As you posted, that mock draft has Levi going in the first round - I'm usually very bad at predicting which players are going to be standouts in the NFL - oh, an I can't tell you how estatic I'd be to see Posluszny come to Philly - I giggle just thinking about it. Of course it will never happen, because Andy Reid hates Penn State (or so it would seem).