Friday, November 17, 2006

Blog Chips

-Sue had to deal with him, now it’s Galen’s turn. During his weekly radio call in show, JoePa announced that he will be in the coaches’ box for the Michigan State game tomorrow – yelling in Galen Hall’s ear no doubt.

-From the same article: Parking could be a bit tricky considering the large amount of rain central PA received over the past few days – tailgaters going to the game should be prepared. In other words: come early or bring Sherpas to help find the stadium.

I think I see the stadium!

-It’s the last time we will get to see Poz run out of the tunnel at Beaver Stadium. Words can’t describe what Paul has done for Penn State and the lasting fingerprints he has left on the program. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; Paul IS Penn State – he’s the very definition of Paterno’s vision. Great on the field; great off the field and humble to the end. Greg Buttle, whom Posluszny surpassed to lead Penn State in career tackles, said it best: "I have no regrets. You couldn't find a better kid to break it. He's everything that's right with college football." Amen.

Thank you Paul, now go make gobs of cash doing this stuff!

-Finally a good article about an old story - Paterno to Nixon: "You tell the president to take that trophy and shove it."

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Coach said...

Ahh, Nixon in the Texas locker room - one of my childhood bedtime stories. Pop could forgive the lying to the American people - but not that.