Wednesday, September 27, 2006

T.O. attempts suicide?

From the “What the Hell?” file, Terrell Owens apparently attempted suicide by overdosing on pain medication Tuesday night according to a Dallas police report. The report also stated that Owens told rescue workers that “he was depressed” and responded “Yes” when asked if he intended to harm himself. In a related story, about 1 million individual packages of pain killers arrived to the Dallas Cowboys from different locations in the Philadelphia area all marked with the same message “try these next time.” Officials are baffled.

Update: Owens categorically denies attempting suicide, he claims his pain medication reacted with his “supplements” causing him to become groggy and “out of it.” Everyone from the fire department to the police force is claiming privacy issues when it comes to info. The full police report was first broken by local station WFAA-TV, but the official release by police has parts blacked out including the phrase "attempting suicide by prescription pain medication." T.O.’s publicist Kim Etheredge has spun it in every direction from denying anyone saying that Owens was depressed to blaming the police and medical personnel for taking “advantage” of T.O. This has been very strange, but hey, it’s T.O.


Cool Hand Mike said...

I think the Kennedy brothers had something to do with it.

...and Andy Reid.

Galen said...

Do you think ESPN wonders why everyone hates them? All night long ESPN has done nothing but cover this. I mean it's nothing and they are talking to other players and showing T.O.'s statement over and over and over. God they suck.