Thursday, September 14, 2006

Game of the Week: Week 3

Our two experts have made their choices for the GOTW and you can make yours. Our two games are Auburn vs. LSU for college and Dallas vs. Washington in the NFL. Brandi the wonder dog is trying to remain undefeated while Aikman is trying to rebound from a week 1 loss.

On a side note: in case you didn't notice it's quite hilarious that our NFL expert, named for one of the best quarterbacks to ever play at Dallas chose the hated Redskins over the Cowboys. SDIAB must be proud. Don't forget to vote for the game of the week on the sidbar. This week we are counting the spread: Washington +6.


Run Up The Score said...

So many games to choose from. It's probably best that you only picked one. I'd hate to see ol' Brandi's stomach explode from too many treats.

NO IDEA who to go with on that college game. I feel like I copped out with my picks this week, because the high-profile games were too tough. I may end up changing that Oklahoma pick.

Galen said...

We don't over tax Brandi she IS a nine year old Great Dane, plus she has attention deficit disorder and can only handle one game.

Galen said...

I just realized that I have a typo in Hank GolDberg's name and because I've been cutting and pasting it, it comes along for the ride. ARRGGH! That's it, Brandi is now my fact/spell checker to.