Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Willie Williams transferring to Community College.

Pearl River Community College in Mississippi has chosen to play Willie Williams Russian Roulette, allowing the troubled linebacker to transfer there. (HT: MZone) Williams was in trouble with the law almost as much as Clarett which gets me thinking… could one of my crazy predictions be right? In covering the latest Clarett arrest one of my suggestions was that he is, in fact, part of a covert, real life A-team based in Columbus. Now I’m wondering if Williams isn’t the second part of the team. Think about it, Clarett has a solid background in handguns, assault rifles, and other assorted lethal devices; Williams knows a lot about dry chemicals and probably a little about incendiary devices. If Clarett is B.A Baracus because of his attitude then that would make Willie Williams “Face” because he’s quite smooth with the ladies (you might remember, he grabbed a woman against her will during the fire extinguisher incident). It’s only a matter of time until the next member of the team shows himself.

Two down, two do go; I love it when a plan comes together


Cool Hand Mike said...

Community college in Mississippi? Mark my words, if he keeps his nose clean, he'll be at Ole Miss. Ed Ogeron will need someone to replace Patrick Willis. Coach O is all about talent not character.

Ruben said...


just kidding