Thursday, August 31, 2006

Welcome to Paternoville 2006

Population 1 and growing

Like the first flower in spring, Penn State's newest tradition saw its first participant for 2006. Paternoville is back and it looks like the students mean business this year. It's one thing to wait around days for the Ohio State game, but Akron? Cheers to these guys/gals, hopefully Paternoville will be a bustling mini-metropolis come game time.


Run Up The Score said...

It's funny, my friend's little brother is the Mayor of Paternoville. We brought him some wings from our tailgate before the Ohio State game.

Watching the game on TV now, it's 10-0, and I would not want to be sitting in that rain all day.

Galen said...


Yeah I was sitting in that crap. The weather experts said it would stop at 11:00 AM... they were wrong.