Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ernesto to ruin opening weekend

It appears that Ernesto has plans of ruining the opening weekend of the college football season. There still is a chance that it will turn and go out to sea, so let's just hope it does. Nothing ruins the first game buzz like the downpour from the remnants of a Hurricane.



Mike said...

I remember one God-awful game back in the early 90's. We were playing Pitt and it was cold. Maybe 45 degrees. My first, last, and only game ever sitting in the North endzone upper deck. Wind was howling at like 30 mph. Driving rain in our faces. We were soaked and chilled to the bones. It was so miserable we left at halftime. That was the only game I have ever left early for.

Galen said...

I remember that game, everyone left in front of us at halftime to. We moved down and toward the 50 yard line.