Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sporting News Preaseson countdown: No.15 PSU

The Sporting News continues their look at preseason picks, today they cover the Lions. I have to give them credit, they rank Penn State as high as I've seen them ranked by any organization, but upon looking at the data they provide, I'm a tad hesitant. Let's just say their analysis could use a little Rogaine, it's a tad thin. I had an audible chuckle from one of the comments from the "anonymous coach"...

They brag on LB Paul Posluszny and compare him to some of their past greats, and that says a lot, but he isn't even close to being as good as (former Ohio State LB) A.J. Hawk was.

Thank you Coach Tressel. Further hilarity ensued with the comments section flying off into an epic battle of Poz lovers and Hawk lovers. Why can't my comments section turn into these types of melees?

Maximus: To Hell with Posluszny, long live Hawk!
Chanting Masses: Hawk!...


PSUMike said...

I used to think I wanted lots of comments. But usually lots of comments means lots of drama, case in point the two Notre Dame nitwits that hit me up yesterday.

Galen said...


Yeah, I saw that, but I have to say I want lots of drama, it brings people back. I guarantee you had a spike in Notre Dame fans that were linked to your blog. Now they will come back just to get angry with you. That's a good problem to have.

PSUMike said...

True. I can't complain about the hits. I would just prefer the people in the comments yell at each other and leave me out of it...LOL. Is that too much to ask on my own blog?