Monday, August 28, 2006

Season Preview: Temple

Last Season: How bad was Temple last season? They didn’t win a game, scored 9.7 points per game and managed to score a season high of 17 points. The offense was completely inept in every sense of the word and the defense didn’t help much.

Outlook: Former Penn State player and Virginia defensive coordinator Al Golden takes over guiding this train wreck. He has come in with the idea that the past is the past and the future starts now. Recruiting will be key and regional matchups against Louisville, Minnesota, and Penn State will help get Temple some much needed exposure. Unlike last season, this year’s schedule is a little bit easier with six MAC teams, the conference they will be joining the following year. If Temple can win their opening game against equally inept Buffalo, it could be the psychological boost Al Golden is looking for.

Yes Al Golden, this could all be yours if... the price is right!

Returning starters: 5
Key Returnees:
WR Jamel Harris (241 yards)
RB Tim Brown (432 yards in 2004 – sat out last season because of academic issues)
FB Josh Bundy (39 yards, 3 TD)
TE Ben Hendy (26 yards)
RT Elliot Seifert (All-Academic)
C Alex Derenthal

Returning starters: 3
Key Returnees:
OLB Ryan Gore (60 tackles, 2 TFL)
CB Chris Page (49 tackles, 1 INT)
S Garrett Schultz (91 tackles, 2 TFL)

Game Outlook: When the 12th game was given the thumbs up by the NCAA most teams dredged the football river bottom to get someone to play for a paycheck and Penn State came up with longtime doormat Temple. In Penn State’s Independent days, these two teams played often, with Penn State holding a 31-3-1 edge. Don’t look for Temple’s fortunes to change this time around either. If Penn State is coming off a tough game against Wisconsin, and if they are looking ahead to their “rivalry game” with Michigan State, and if Temple brings their A-game, they may be able to keep it close and come away with a moral victory, but that's a lot of ‘ifs’.


Mike said...

They've got four Nittany Lions on the coaching staff. And I hear Zack Mills is a graduate assistant or something. Al Golden will have that team turned around in a few years.

Galen said...

I think they may need more then a few years, they will need to take their lumps, hit the recruiting trail and hope to sell the school's positive points, having a campus location in the armpit of Pennsylvania isn't an easy sell.

BillyBob said...

"having a campus location in the armpit of Pennsylvania isn't an easy sell"

Learn some geography. Philly, being in the south of the state, is more of the crotch. The armpits would be up north, perhaps Butler and Wilkes-Barre.

Galen said...

I was thinking of Pennsylvania as a drunk person after falling down, but I concede, Wilkes-Barre can be the armpit, Philly will be the asshole.