Friday, August 25, 2006

Penn State picked 3rd in Big Ten preview has their 2006 Big Ten preview and amazingly, someone picked Penn State third ahead of Iowa. Here is the list with conference wins-losses in parenthesis: Big Ten order of finish (conference W-L)
Ohio State (8-0)
Michigan (7-1)
Penn State (6-2)
Iowa (6-2)
Michigan State (5-3)
Wisconsin (4-4)
Purdue (4-4)
Northwestern (2-6)
Illinois (1-7)
Minnesota (1-7)
Indiana (0-8)
So it doesn’t take a detective to deduce that SI thinks Penn State will lose to Ohio State and Michigan given OSU will be undefeated, meaning Michigan’s only loss will come to them. They also have OSU’s overall record at 12-0 which means SI is picking them for the title game. Good luck with that.


Mike said...

Bear Bryant used to call around to reporters in the offseason trying to drum up hype for his program. He used to say, "The way to win a championship is to get yourself ranked #1...then don't lose."

This is all hype with OSU. I'm hearing rumors from their open practices that the defense does not look sharp. They lost a lot of leadership and it shows. They are going to lose to Texas. Let's hope they don't have their act together by the 23rd.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Isn't a Penn State fan quoting Bear Bryant blasphemy? LOL. PSU should definitely be ahead of Bitchigan. I believe PSU plays OSU in the Horseshoe. That's the tough game that will determine the Big 10 champ

Galen said...

Yeah, Penn State hasn't beat OSU at the Shoe since joining the Big Ten, pile on the fact that OSU will be looking for revenge and I don't have warm fuzzies about that game.

Run Up The Score said...

// Isn't a Penn State fan quoting Bear Bryant blasphemy? //

No, no, we love Coach Bryant up here. Well, over there. I'm in Denver now. Yeah.

All of the top teams have serious concerns. Michigan might be better than I'm giving them credit for.

(superspecial big televen preview is coming up at RUTS, by the way!)

Run Up The Score said...

Galen said...

run up the score...

Excellent youtube!

we will be sure to check out the superspecial big televen preview.