Friday, July 21, 2006

Weekend Eye Candy

Ok, this really has nothing to do with football, but it somehow relates to sports, after all she is a tennis player...
This week's addition... Anna Kournikova from
Ok, these pictures tell a story, I'm not entirely sure what that story is, but we'll take our best shot....

Anna takes in a ball game and we'll even forgive her for the Yankees apparel (SDIAB is in love at this point)
While at the ballgame, Anna decides to throw out the first pitch
Nice form Anna!! Nice pitch as well!!
While taking in the game we see conclusive evidence that Enrique Iglesias is Ghey!
Note to Enrique: when hot, rich, blonde chick has one arm around your neck, one hidden *out of sight* and looking at you longingly, the out of town scores really don't mean shit.

But not all is good, for then we see this and, well, we're a tad confused...

If that doesn't make you go hmmmm, then what the HELL is Anna doing with the angry lesbo yacht cranker?!?

We're confused, have a good weekend everyone!

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