Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some Drunk in a Bar Speaks Out

Well here it is, my first Blog post thanks to a certain Nittany Lion fan in Central PA and his desire to post rantings about sport related items to anyone willing to listen. It is July and every self respecting man must be turning his attention towards football. (And I don't mean that soccer crap either) This reminds me that since this a site dedicated to all sports I must mention that the World Cup has ended and Italy is the winner. All those soccer people are up in arms about a "vicious" head butt to the chest. Vicious head butt to the chest? Is that really an accurate description of what happened? The guy wasn't wearing a helmet so what was vicious about a head butt to the chest? Levar Arrington might give a vicious head butt (just ask Troy Aikman) but some bald guy who needs to hit the free weights a little more often probably doesn't give a "vicious" head butt especially in the chest.

While we are on the topic of scrawny athletes, we should discuss Jeff Gordon who took out Matt Kenseth to win at Chicagoland Speedway this past weekend. NASCAR fans may recall the Bristol race where Gordon spun around and hit the wall and blamed Kenseth for his woes. He was so mad that he jumped out of the car and pushed Kenseth while still wearing his helmet. Wow what a tough guy! It was fitting to see the fans throwing debris at Gordon while he did his celebration after the race. TNT announcers didn’t think this was appropriate behavior but they didn’t see the intentional contact either. I just wish victory circle was a little closer to the fans. NASCAR screwed up, he should have gotten the black flag just like Kenseth did at Bristol.

Until my next binge.............SDIAB

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