Monday, July 10, 2006

Pure sweetness brought to you by YouTube

If you are faint of heart please turn away, the sight of Michael Robinson separating unsuspecting DB's skulls from their gooey insides may be too much to handle.... for those of us that were there its pure sweetness!

Rumor has it the 49'ers are installing runaway truck ramps on the sidelines in case Michael has to run out of bounds.


paulwesterdawg said...

I was at this game. It was one helluva a hit.

Also - thanks for the link in the Blog Roll.

paul westerdawg

Galen said...

it's our pleasure you have a great site. The funny thing about that hit was most people (me included) didn't realize what happend until the replay. You can here it in the You Tube copy, after the initial hit, the people on that side of the field react, but then about 8-10 seconds later you here the rest of the crowd grown--like he didn't just do that did he? --to the replay on the teletron. It's kinda cool.